24, JJ Cale (again)

So we’ve reached the month of March, again (!).

No Bone Thugs memes, no memes at all. Officially a year of -this-reality.

Probably going to get rid of this website, or downgrade to WordPress url. Haven’t had the chance to update my site, surprised at all that I have a little bit of time to write this and muse.

Many things that I want to write about, but lets see.


interesting to see you rekindle your relationship with old girl and that she goes to NYU now. interesting to see that she is 30 years old in a relationship with a married man. me and her have a lot in common, though she doesn’t like me but I don’t care because she’s years older than me. perhaps it bothers you that I brushed you off and deleted you out of my life (literally/figuratively). or that im not going to waste my best years entertaining you. you can’t buy that from me, or buy that for me.

also interesting to note that the age difference between you and her is the same between him and mine. I don’t know her, but I feel we’re probably similar, to an extent. anything in this life is possible, really.

id probably be happier though.

bon voyage!

JJ Cale (again)

Here I am

Sitting, listening.

Like a child waiting for their dad to come home.

JJ Cale sings, magnolia you sweet thing…

you’re driving me mad



flooding my mind with particles of you.

replaying memories like favorite songs on an old cassette,

just that one, or a few.

to excess

each lift, lyric

each drop,

repeated, retraced.

sweet melody.


patiently, eagerly waiting,

to once again run into the refuge of your arms.


he sings

I’ve got to get back to you, babe

youre the best I ever had

( Im feverishly in love with you, one day I will cool down and realize that I love each perception of you, false or not. nothing in life is real anyways, but if loving you makes me feel alive, and my dreams make me excited for the future, then I do not want to stop)

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