no more,

excessive, too much.

the feelings I feel for, the thoughts I think of,

for you, of you, because you.

the more I learn, the more I realize

that there are limits to passion.

you cannot be my sun,

my moon,

my stars.

you cannot give me the sun,

the moon,

the stars.

because all of them are me.

the sun

the moon,

the stars,

je suis c’est créateur

I have evolved away from the want of you.

and the theological love I had for you,

wades back into the vast openness of the universe

I am at peace this way.

I cannot carry so much love.

I realize it is all contained in me,

I am the cause.

It weighs on me.

I am unsure if you are too,

just created, imagined,

something to make sense of all this,

all of these,



the cause.

I am realize

I am substance

and all that I see, feel, hear

is an extension of me.

you are an extension of me,

and I returning substance back to me,

I am all,



neither good nor evil

simply subsisting,

if there is something greater than me,


and if there is,

it cannot be you.

that power cannot belong to any finite being, human and flawed.

Let the winds, waters, flames,

earthquakes consume me

The beasts on this earth,

my mortality,

bring me to my demise.

but you,


no more.

this I remembered on the 7th day.

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