now what

I seem to always be on my period during midterm and finals week (not very cool @ Nature)

I dont cook at all really, during those weeks. maybe breakfast, at the most. Feel pretty proud of myself because I’ve been able to pace myself pretty well and it looks like most things are playing to my favor. And the things that don’t work out, well it just means it wasn’t meant for me (talking to you lsat program that I didn’t get into).

I’ll be deleting this blog soon, but if I could just delete the tabs, change the url and keep most of the works, I would prefer that.

Feel pretty proud of myself because I’ve been able to read a lot of books in a short span of time, I think this is the most I’ve read since middle school really. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t read at all during HS, but in middle school I distinctly remember reading a book a day. To the point my mom had to hide some of my books after going to the now defunct Borders so I wouldn’t read them all at once. Did you know books cost money?

They say the human brain starts to slow down at 25, or habits that you have kind of stay with you at this point. Glad I started doing yoga because I’m tired of thinking that I work well under pressure. its nice to live in the now. (humans only started thinking about the future after agriculture, if you think about it).

Really, thats not necessarily the case. That one works best under pressure. Maybe a little pressure, but believing that you do makes you wait till the last minute. Its good to focus on one thing, then hop onto the other, then the next thing on the agenda, until it become cyclical. You need a little time to be able to do that well. Like if you can’t concentrate, just work on the next project, or the other one etc etc until you can find one that you are able to concentrate on. I would prioritize the most difficult ones first, though.

writing is a form of brain exercise, just like painting, reading, math, and philosophy is.


they say that you need to practice writing to become a good writer. I don’t think that necessarily the case. You need to be a good reader as well. Not all your ideas are good ones you know. We are not as special or unique as we like to think we are.

sometimes the ideas we’ve have, have been around longer than the countries our families are from. crazy huh? knowledge is innate in all of us, really. if we try and want to.

back to the book thing. I read about 7 books in 3 months (skimmed most of Rousseau because of lack of time, though he is the one I found most interesting?) . and I know that doesn’t sound very impressive, but it is to me. I can talk to people about 7 new things that wasn’t able to before. I think thats really neat.

Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Leibniz, Descartes, Spinoza, Hemingway, Salinger.

Hemingway and Salinger for fun-sies. I really do have good taste. Because I enjoyed both equally, for different reasons.

This man gave me a book titled Wilderness, by Scott Stillman on Valentines Day because I like poetry….

the most WHITE man book I’ve ever read in my life tbh and doesn’t deserve to be mentioned on my list, though I read at least half of it, and the closing chapter. if you are curious, its just about hiking. places ive honestly never been to, and can’t relate to. if the author was more descriptive, then I probably would have enjoyed it more,

but really its an ode to nature from a city-dwelling white man perspective, with little regard to the fact that going backpacking/camping gear costs a lot of money and that the average Low income person probably can’t afford to meditate in the wilderness for like, 2 weeks. people who live paycheck to paycheck .

but if youre a granola kid and are an avid hiker, and middle/upper-class. you’ll probably enjoy it. I can see why that man gave me this book. he was an Eagle Scout so it makes sense.

he also gave me All The Pretty Horses by McCarthy after our first real bad break up. I thought it was the most NARC thing he could do. He gave me his favorite book. I haven’t had the chance to read it, but since my resolution is to read a book a month (Jan – Hemingway, Fed – Salinger, March – ?) I’ve been looking at my bookshelf trying to pick a book to read.

I was also considering buying Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham—- honestly take on Spinoza chapter on Human Bondage in the Ethics???? which if I read it I will definitely digest and compare both.

maybe ill buy it tbh

but back again to McCarthy…. he is a great author. But I think I will wait to read this for April or May, for sure finish it by his birthday. I want to know why he likes it. Though it probably is the nature aspect. He hates the midwest but loves it? interesting.

Wish me luck on my finals!!!

A- game.


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